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A lthough the space is big, the company is small. With less than 10 employees currently, you’ll feel a close connection to our staff who are eager to help with your business storage needs.

In 1998, Space LLC was founded by 6 local business men, utilizing a 200,000 square foot building on Sage Road. The building was previously occupied by United Grocers, a company well-known to local people.

Since 1998, Space LLC has supported the community in a unique way. With 200,000 square feet of open warehouse, the options for storage were endless. The owners had a vison of providing Class A warehouse space to tenants with the goal of long-term relationships.  They soon discovered there was a need for third party warehousing and that developed into a need for local shuttles, so a trucking division was created.

Within a short amount of time, all of the empty space would be filled with numerous businesses. In 2008, Space LLC would build a brand-new building, with over 100,000 square feet, capable of a vast variety of storage options, including the capability of becoming a -10-degree freezer.

Sampling of Clients